Meet the Author

Timothy Flinn Smith (T/Flinn) has worked as an internal and external performance improvement consultant for 30 years in acute care, insurance, and community-based organizations. He has presented at state and national conferences. Timothy holds a high value on diversity and inclusiveness through working collaboratively under a client – consultant set of guiding principles, customized for each engagement (Yes I know most all consultants say that… but I welcome the challenge of creating tools and processes, based on your unique needs, which I do not already have in my pocket). His primary focus has been in the field of functional and large-scale culture change alignment with business strategy. He holds three college degrees and has focused his career in applying the strategies and tools of Systems Thinking, Organizational Culture Assessment, Leadership Assessment and Coaching, Business Process Mapping and Change Management.

Timothy then translates his understanding of the cultural and business dynamics into a Change Roadmap that delivers a deployment strategy in partnership with the Change Sponsors and Ground Zero Leaders . He identifies creative and pragmatic strategies to provide just-in-time guidance to support the Ground Zero Leadership Team.

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